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Orange Roast (Chicken), for everyone will boast!

I know the Dr. Seuss reference is delightful for the name Horton  is only a remembrance of a smaller time. Okay, Okay, I see you looking at me with a blank face, you want the recipe!

I use chicken breast (4) you find at my local grocery store,

But first lets set up the pressure cooker,

Plug in!! Now we are ready! Easy!

I have a 6 quart electric pressure cooker and I like a strong flavor to my roasted orange chicken so that’s how I will lay out the instruction but if you like a hardy tropical dinner this is the stuff.

I mention orange in the title and for good reason, you’re going to need those fresh oranges 3 to be exact, peel them to look like half globes and just throw those in the bottom flat side down.

Next you need some pineapple, I prefer fresh and cutting it up but you can do pre-cut. You are going to want to cube those and throw them in the bottom as well, and go ahead and add

The Chicken! Layer that chicken right on top of that looks like ingredients to a good smoothie.


Rub the chicken in coconut oil.

Garlic, pink salt (Himalayan), pepper (Just a hint), 1 teaspoon.

Rosemary (whole, powder, stem, does not matter) but not a lot just enough to lightly cover the chicken.

(Optional) Use more fruit, add some pomegranate, lime, and/or apples (I use green).

This is where it gets tricky depending on the design, model and brand of pressure cooker depends on your timing, I pressure cook on my personal 6 quart for 20-30 minutes on mid and check it at 15 minutes in just to make sure I will not dry it out. Simple!


Add your own style let me know!